Enslaved started recording a new album

Enslaved started recording a new album

Norwegian Vikings and prog-metalists Enslaved have begun recording their 16th album. Recall that the last Utgard album was released in 2020. The band published a post on their social networks about the start of full-scale work on the record, with some comments by guitarist Arve “Icedale” Isdal:

I had a great time recording our upcoming new album! It’s such a powerful album and it just kept growing during the production as we tested out more and more crazy ideas and they all turned out great!⁠ At the end we brought a mobile studio with us to Grutle’s house where we made pizza and recorded some really interesting stuff during the evening and night.⁠

It is a very complex album and has so many musical layers and mix of genres that it might need a few spins to suck it all in. ⁠I’m proud to say it’s our best album to date and also the best sounding one. Can’t wait to share more news soon and for you all to eventually hear it!

Earlier, the band released a new song, “Kingdom,” along with a concept video, which can be seen below. Describing the new composition, the band said the following:

Kingdom is a tribute to the endurance of ideas and the people that carry them forward through hardship and fatigue, for the benefit of us all. Musically, it is a tribute to the Riff and the Rite: to the Teutonic Thrash kings, to Space Rock, to the Ambient pioneers of the 70s. With this we ask you to join us on this coming trek. Thanks for listening!

So we are waiting for the new album in 2023.