Entombed guitarist Alex Hellid's new band is the dark folk-metal project Fredlös

Entombed guitarist Alex Hellid’s new band is the dark folk-metal project Fredlös

One of the founders and guitarist Alex Hellid of the Swedish death metal band Entombed has gathered a new band Fredlös, a dark metal band with strong folk influences and a variety of vocals. So far the band has released two singles, the video for which you can watch below, but the band already has a debut album of the same name ready to be released by Threeman Recordings, Fredlös Produktion & Sound Pollution tentatively on February 10, 2023.

Besides guitarist Alex Hellid, the line-up includes guitarists Tomas Karlson and Fredrik Danielsson, bassist Robert Lindgren, vocalist Liv Hope and keyboardist Victor Dahlin.

The description states that the Fredlös band came together in the spring of 2021, based around Nortalje, northeast of Stockholm. United by a deep sense of their historical roots and love of dark sounds, they create a truly epic landscape, mixing heavy guitars with more traditional instruments and a desire to convey history according to the facts. The result is a brooding yet melodic sound.

Fredlös debut album will contain 9 dark, heavy, intense songs. Lyrically, the album is a journey through the late Middle Ages, recounting historical events from the perspective of ordinary people. Musically, it’s a tour that defies any description, weaving metal, rock, folk and traditional musical themes into a rich and varied album.

The band’s first single, Våt Varm Jord, is 7 minutes and 22 seconds of burbling, dynamic, beautiful heavy music, presenting the first chapter of Fredlös, where you are urged to reject the light and embrace the damp, warm soil.