Immortal new album War Against All in 2023

Immortal new album War Against All in 2023

Norwegian black metal classics Immortal, which proudly left one of its founding members, guitarist Demonaz, alone, have announced that their new 10th anniversary album will be released in 2023 on Nuclear Blast Records. The record is called War Against All.

Let me remind you that on March 26, 2015, after lengthy legal proceedings between the musicians of Immortal, it was once again announced that they had broken up. Nevertheless, Demonaz and drummer Horgh announced that the band’s activity will continue, but without the participation of Abbath. And the band’s last album Northern Chaos Gods, released in 2018, was written without Abbath’s participation. And in 2020 came the news from the category “either to cry or to laugh”, Demonaz and Horgh sued for the rights for Immortal, but now between themselves. And apparently Demonaz won.

Immortal new album War Against All in 2023

Thus, Immortal now consists of one person. The album announcement mentions only session musicians: Ice Dale (Enslaved/Audrey Horne) on bass and Kevin Kvåle (Gaahls Wyrd) on drums. Here is what Demonaz himself said about the new album:

We continue the style that was already established and defined on our very first records. It’s fast, furious, epic and mighty Blashyrkh metal – the one and only way!

Even though studio work is necessary to get an ultimate recording, it can never come close to the writing process. I still write all the guitar riffs/music at home with the same old vibe, and the lyrics as well. The early days of black metal inspire me the most. Cold nights in the woods under the mountains and the winter moon. It is what keeps the spirit alive, and the foundation to all our music.

Immortal have never compromised on the original vision, which is taking the fans on a journey through Blashyrkh with our most grim and dark music with every new release – no matter. These songs are no exception to this. I am very excited and proud of the final result, it’s got a distinct expression, and I can’t wait to let the fans hear it!

The cover of the album was made by the Swedish artist Mattias Frisk.

War Against All:

  1. War Against All
  2. Thunders Of Darkness
  3. Wargod
  4. No Sun
  5. Return To Cold
  6. Norlandihr
  7. Immortal
  8. Blashyrkh My Throne