Metallica new Master of Puppets video

Metallica new Master of Puppets video

Thirty-six years after the release of one of the most famous and beloved Metallica songs “Master Of Puppets” from the album of the same name, the first ever video for this song appeared. This is a lyrical video, the full length of the song and with very high-quality animation made by ILOVEDUST. In addition, the animation and the overall atmosphere of the video are extremely cool and fully reflect the meaning of the composition. The video can be viewed below.

As for why the band decided to make a lyrical video now, it can be assumed that because of the recently released series Stranger Things, in which the song “Master Of Puppets” was used in one of the main moments and again experienced a crazy surge in popularity.

Master Of Puppets soared in the Spotify charts as his inclusion in the Stranger Things series sparked a new wave of love for the song.

“Stranger Things” is an American science fiction horror series that was released on the Netflix streaming service in two parts: the first 7 episodes — on May 27, 2022, and the remaining 2 episodes — on July 1.

One scene from the last episode caused a violent reaction of music fans, when the main characters of the series throw the last challenge to evil, the popular metalhead character Eddie Munson (British actor Joseph Quinn) heroically performs thrash metal classics to distract attention, which will allow his friends to complete their great plan.

Apparently, as a result of the increased attention that “Master Of Puppets” has received due to being featured in the popular Netflix original series, the song is currently at position No. 26 in the Top 50 of the Spotify world chart.