Norwegian black metal act Mork has announced a new EP

Norwegian black metal act Mork has announced a new EP

Mork is a Norwegian black metal band founded by its sole member Thomas Eriksen in 2004. Mork has become one of the best black metal formations in recent years. The first album was released back in 2013, after which 4 more releases were released. Throughout their work, the band has been faithful to the roots of the genre, for which they are respected by fans of black metal. Thomas Eriksen continued the work of his countrymen Mayhem and Darkthrone.

The band will release a new EP called Den Svevende Festning on September 16. The EP will include unreleased material recorded during the sessions for Mork’s 2021 album Katedralen, as well as live tracks from recent Mork concerts. Den Svevende Festning also has an old drawing of Fredriksten Fortress in Eriksen’s hometown of Halden.

Seems we got a tradition going by now, with an EP between each album. I can get use to that! I like the format which allows us to do something a bit different and play around with the material, with albums we obviously need to be more strict.

This time I had a couple tracks left over from the Katedralen sessions. The title track ‘Den Svevende Festning’ was always one that I liked and was actually only cut due to the album length. It’s fitting having its own EP dedicated to it. Den Svevende Festning is a tribute to my hometown of Halden with its majestical Fredriksten Fortress which hovers above the city in the skyline. It’s powerful and a good cannonball in the face!

Katedralen’s last album was released in March 2021 on the Peaceville Records label, Thomas takes a certain step forward from his early work, remaining within the chosen style. The presented work can be called the most perfect and complex Mork release to date.

Norwegian black metal act Mork has announced a new EP

By the way, there are guest musicians on the album, including Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone.

The record will appeal equally to fans of traditional old black metal, as well as those who like more unique and diverse music. You can also check out the previously released alternative version of “Født Til Å Herske”, which will be presented on the EP.