Sodom new song “1982” from the upcoming album “40 Years at War”

Sodom new song “1982” from the upcoming album “40 Years at War”

Veterans of the German thrash metal band Sodom, have just released a new single called “1982″. The track is taken from the bonus disc of the box set of the upcoming 40th anniversary album of the band “40 Years At War – The Greatest Hell Of Sodom”, which will be released on October 28 this year on the Steamhammer/SPV label.

“1982” is a brand new song in which the band’s leader, bass guitarist and vocalist Tom “Angelripper” recalls the beginning of the band’s work:

At first, we just wanted to be a band; the music was almost an afterthought. We were against everything and everyone, wanted to shock the world and the more people hated us, the more motivated we got. Nobody would have expected that 40 years later, we’re still alive and playing. Those 40 years have gone by in a flash, but we continue to look forward.

You can listen to the song itself with the lyric video below:

The album itself “40 Years At War – The Greatest Hell Of Sodom” sums up the entire musical heritage of the band over 40 years of creativity.

Our goal was to re-record one song from each of our previous albums. Not necessarily the most obvious ones, we wanted to go for rarities or tracks we’ve never or very rarely played live.

The CD and double vinyl will include 17 tracks, all of which were recently recorded by the current line-up featuring Frank Blackfire (guitar), York Segatz (guitar) and Tony Merkel (drums).

Sodom new song “1982” from the upcoming album “40 Years at War”

We cover the songs unaltered, that’s to say in exactly the same key and with the original lyrics. We’re better musicians now than we were back then, of course, so the new versions sound tighter and more up to date but the arrangements of the songs were deliberately kept unchanged.

The celebration of the 40th anniversary of the band will begin with their autumn concerts, at which Sodom will play not only their classics, but also take into account the wishes of fans. The band plans to launch a survey about those songs that have rarely or never been performed live during tours to find out which ones fans want to hear themselves.

“40 Years At War – The Greatest Hell Of Sodom” track listing:

  1. Sepulchral Voice
  2. After The Deluge
  3. Electrocution
  4. Baptism Of Fire
  5. Better Off Dead
  6. Body Parts
  7. Jabba The Hut
  8. Gathering Of Minds
  9. That’s What An Unknown Killer Diarized
  10. Book Burning
  11. Genocide
  12. City Of God
  13. Ashes To Ashes
  14. In War And Pieces
  15. S.O.D.O.M.
  16. Caligula
  17. Euthanasia