The Halo Effect revealed two new songs

The Halo Effect revealed two new songs

The young Swedish band The Halo Effect, only in 2022 released their debut album “Days Of The Lost”, which hit #1 on the official Swedish chart and also hit #6 in Germany. For those who don’t know The Halo Effect is a melodic death metal band made up of former In Flames members: guitarist Jesper Strömblad, drummer Daniel Svensson, bassist Peter Iwers, guitarist Niclas Engelin and vocalist Mikael Stanne.

The band recently played concerts in their native Sweden, during which they presented two new songs in Gothenburg (February 17) and Malmö (February 18), filmed by fans, the video can be seen below. The new songs are called “Become Surrender” and “The Defiant One”. And apparently the band plans to go into the studio again soon to record a new album.

Here’s what Mikael Stanne said:

It is definitely a new band. It started out as a project or an idea, but because of the time we had, I think we made it into a proper band and we wanna treat it as such because we want to make sure that we do everything we possibly can to make this as good as it possibly can be. We wanna do some tours; we wanna do cool festivals. And we’re already starting to plan for more recordings and the next album and that kind of stuff. So everybody’s just excited. And because it felt good and we were on a roll… You really can’t hold Niclas and Jesper back once they get started. So they’ve already started writing new stuff. Let’s keep up. It’s gonna be a lot of work the next couple of years, that’s for sure.

So we are waiting for the new album.