The return of thrash metal legend Sadus. The first song in 15 years, "It's The Sickness"

The return of thrash metal legend Sadus. The first song in 15 years, “It’s The Sickness”

American thrash metal veterans Sadus are back with their first track in 15 years. The lyric video for the song “It’s The Sickness” can be seen below. The band has been around since 1984 and has only managed to release 5 albums in their history, the last one being back in 2006. Then almost nothing was heard about the band, and now there was news about a revival and a new contract with the Nuclear Blast label. It’s notable, that one of the founders and bass player of the band is one of the best bass players on the metal scene Steve DiGiorgio. The band’s music, even though it’s not a hit song, is rather interesting, technical thrash metal with elements of death metal. The new composition is a good example of that – very intense and powerful thrash death metal.

So far, it is known that the return of the band is headed by vocalist and guitarist Darren Travis and drummer John Allen. Who plays bass and whether Steve DiGiorgio will be in the lineup is not yet clear. It is also known that Sadus are recording a new album due out in 2023. Nuclear Blast collaborator Monte Conner stated the following:

I am thrilled to be reunited with Darren Travis and the mighty. Signing a band I have worked with in the past is never a given. Quite the opposite, in fact. I need to be blown away, and let me tell you, this new Sadus material is some of the best work I have ever heard from the band. It is the Sadus you know and love, with the same elements that made them unique in the past, but now with even stronger, more focused songs, and with crushingly heavy modern production!

When asked to comment on the new track, Travis said: “As Joe Perry from Aerosmith says… Let the music do the talking!!!”

Sadus gained prominence in the burgeoning thrash scene in the mid-1980s. The band’s opening album, Illusions (1988), led to the signing with Roadrunner Records and the subsequent release of Swallowed in Black (1990). Over the next decade and a half the band released the sensational albums A Vision of Misery (1992), Elements of Anger (1997) and Out for Blood (2006), and toured with such bands as Morbid Angel, Sepultura and Obituary.